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Virtually every first-time parent believes that it will be simple to find appropriate clothing for their baby. After all, baby clothing stores are in every mall, every outlet center, in all shapes and sizes. Right?. The truth is, shopping for baby clothing isn’t simple at all. This article will discuss a few of the difficulties that most new parents do not expect.

Chief among those is finding the right size for your child. Every manufacturer has its interpretation of what different sizes mean. There’s no real standardization from one brand to another. And because many of them are produced in remote areas of the world, very few manufacturers have any interest in creating uniform guidelines. So, your six month old child could wear something that one closing brand deems appropriate for a nine month old, or maybe even a one-year-old baby. It sometimes makes you wonder if these manufacturers are using a local bias to adjust for the size of babies in whatever country they are located. For that reason, don’t be too eager to buy multiple items from any one company. Especially until you have some sense of whether or not their close run extra small or extra-large.

They also need to realize that their baby may not be the same size as the average baby in their country at their age. This is further complicated if the baby is born premature. All bets are off when manufacturers try to serve this market. There is a market for preemie baby onesies, but there’s very little standard sizing and the baby can’t always be with you when you are shopping.

And premature babies typically experience a hyper growth phase some weeks after they are born, and so clothes bought one week could certainly be too small just seven or 10 days later. This means they will quickly outgrow the early stage clothes the parents have bought for them. Because of this, experience parents shop for clothes that are a bit larger than what their baby needs at that time. This way, they can be confident that there will be a little extra time for the baby to grow into their new outfits. And it can save a lot of money versus trying to buy new outfits every time the baby gains a few ounces.

So, inexperienced parents will learn these things the hard way. Pretty soon, they’ll be ordering just one or two outfits at a time from each brand or manufacturer. This will help alleviate some of these issues. Buying the right size of clothing for a new baby may be tough, but it can be alto easier, if parents simply use some of these tips.