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side stretch marksThose with stretch marks will know just how frustrating and depressing they can make you. They have a big impact on how you look and this in turn can impact your self esteem and leave you searching for solutions. Stretch marks are affecting more and more people as we lead unhealthy lives that involve fast weight gain and less exercise. Pregnancy, weight lighting and rapid weight gain can all cause stretch marks, not to mention growth spurts in children.

Stretch marks are caused when your skin undergoes strain. As your body grows, often naturally, your skin tries to keep up but just isn’t able to. To compensate it stretches and this damages the proteins and blood vessels. These damaged blood vessels become visible through the skin which has stretched. This is what gives the scar like appearance and bumpy texture on the affected area.

Tens of thousands of people search for a cure every year and with the demand there comes a supply. Skincare specialists have all created their version of a treatment for stretch marks and while there are no cures there are a lot of pretty decent treatments which can have a real impact. CeraVe intensive stretch mark cream is one of these.

CeraVe Stretch Mark Cream

CeraVe stretch mark cream markets itself both as a preventative measure and a treatment for those with existing stretch marks. It’s a new brand that has exploded onto the scene and has suddenly become of the most popular and talked about names in the industry.

The cream is made with a unique formula that is specially designed to help with any stretch marks and prevent more in the future. It works by combining ceramides, hyaluronic acid and argon oil, all of which are known to have benefits on the skin. The cream encourages the creation of new skin cells, which helps repair the area and tighten the skin. It also works by making the skin more durable and resilient, less prone to stretch marks in the future.

CerVe is getting a lot of mixed reviews online about its effectiveness. It seems to work as an effective moisturizer which has some benefit to the overall health of your skin, but is perhaps not as effective at treating stretch marks as it might seem. That being said it is affordable and pretty good value for a stretch mark cream.

CeraVe is readily available in stores and through online retailers like Amazon. Learn more about CeraVe by checking out the full CeraVe Stretch Mark Cream Review.